A woman and child die after jumping off an interstate bridge in Tennessee


Investigators said a 24-year-old woman is believed to have jumped from an interstate flyover in Madison County, Tennessee, while carrying a baby in the early morning, killing herself and the baby.

The Madison County sheriff’s office said lawmakers responded immediately after midnight to a crash at Shell Station in Low Road, south of Exit 93 on Interstate 40.

While the MPs were on their way, they said they received additional calls from a driver trying to crash into the gas pump. Eyewitnesses reported that the woman got out of the car with a small child, drove to the Interstate Bridge and vanished.

A few minutes later, MPs said they received a call from a driver stating that a “large object” had fallen from the bridge and collided with his truck, while he was traveling west on the I-40.

When the deputies arrived, they said they had found the bodies of 24-year-old Tonisha Lachey Parker and a child. The child’s name and age were not disclosed.

No additional information was immediately released.

The accident is still under investigation by the Madison County Police Office.


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