A violent night in Indianapolis as police responded to 4 shootings, killing 5 and seriously injuring one person.


The Indianapolis City Police Department is investigating multiple shootings across Indianapolis.

Shooting crosses the north, northeast, and northeast sides of Indianapolis between 3pm. And 6:30 pm left 5 dead and 1 seriously injured.

At about 3 p.m., police responded to shooting in the neighborhood of 2300 from Hillside Avenue and 3900 from Boulevard Place. A shooting on Hillside Street killed a man. A shooting at Boulevard Place killed a woman.

Around 5 p.m., police responded to 4,000 buildings at Stratford Courthouse. A preliminary investigation shows that this happened outside of the residence.

Shortly before 6:30 pm, the officers responded to the 4000 block of Stratford Court. The police believe this shooting occurred as a result of a house break-in. A woman was found in critical condition outside the house, and a man and woman were found dead inside the house. A girl was found in the house intact.

So far, there have been 9 fatal shootings in 2021. As of this time in 2020, there have been 10 fatal shootings.

The IMPD media official urged people to resolve conflicts peacefully.

 It is very important for us to learn to resolve conflicts without taking a firearm and harming someone. This is the basis of what we are trying to communicate to people. Whatever situation you are in cannot be that bad as you have to resort to a firearm and harm someone.

Mayor Joe Hogsett released a statement calling on people to help stop the cycle of violence.

Our hearts are broken with every violent incident and every soul lost in our city, and our hearts are with the families of tonight’s victims. We all – IMPD, Violence Reduction Teams, neighborhood and interfaith leaders, and residents – must continue to work together to stop the cycle of violence and heal the wounds of our community.

IMPD chief Randall Taylor said the leadership is working on changes to allow officers to focus on proactive efforts to stop violent crime.

I feel sad with everyone in our community affected by the idiot violence tonight. Make no mistake: IMPD men and women remain steadfast in our resolve to bring justice to the victims and their families and prevent future violence. IMPD leadership will continue to work on changes that help our officers have more time to focus on proactive efforts that have been shown to reduce violent crime. “


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