A mother of six died of COVID-19 days after doctors delivered her baby


A family in Los Angeles deals with the unimaginable loss of a mother of six whose youngest child was born weeks ago while her mother was fighting the Coronavirus.

Veronica Guevara Geron, 37, died on Thursday, just three days after giving birth to her youngest daughter.

I tried. Her sister-in-law, Natalia Geron, said she fought to keep her baby at home for as long as possible until the doctors ended up saying, “No, we have to get the baby out.”

The family’s nightmare began just before Christmas when Guevara Geron, 8 months pregnant, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

“She started saying she couldn’t breathe … she had a cough that did not go away … so they ended up taking her to the hospital,” Geron said.

After Guevara fought Geron for more than a week with oxygen only, doctors had to give birth to the baby My Faith five weeks earlier. She was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit before her mother embraced her.

One day later, Guevara-Giron was put on a ventilator and never got off.

They called her husband, saying she’s not getting better, and that he can see her, ” Geron said.

With no underlying cases of Guevara-Giron other than pregnancy, her family wants to clarify just how serious COVID-19 is.

It just shows that COVID has no gender, age, race, or religion. Jeron said. “The first thing for her is to be safe.”

The GoFundMe family started to help out the husband of Guevara-Giron, a Los Angeles City sanitation worker, who has a baby in the hospital and five other children at home. I have raised over $ 32,000.

“We’re trying to see if their dad can stay at home a little longer,” said Geron. “We can offer all the love and support a family can give, but we will never live up to the person, the mother that was.”


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