Tennessee couple arrested after discovering the skeleton of a girl and children locked in their basement


Tennessee State Police have arrested the couple Michael and Shirley Gray, after they found a boy in the basement of their home in the water and excrement that had been detained for several years.

The police began their investigations after receiving a report that there was a small child driving a motorcycle alone, and there the detained boy and the skeleton of an 11-year-old girl were found buried in their backyard.

The husband confirmed that he had locked the teenage boy in the basement flooded with water and excrement, and had not communicated with anyone from the outside world since then, and that he was eating small amounts of food from white bread and water only.

According to the police note, the girl whose skeleton was found was locked up with the boy, but she died within months and her body was initially placed inside a cardboard box.

Media said that the couple were locking two other children in a dog cage

Police said that the two children were very surprised as they saw a refrigerator for the first time after taking them out of the cage.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the spouses are not the biological parents of the children, but that they have legal custody, and that murder, kidnapping and ill-treatment will be charged after the forensic reports are completed.


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