Hundreds of children raped by 50 priests in Pennsylvania


Hundreds of children have been the victims of sexual assaults by about 50 priests, according to a recent report released by a Pennsylvania grand jury.

The report comes after a Pennsylvania court sentenced a Catholic priest convicted of sexually assaulting children living in a shelter in Honduras to more than 16 years in prison, but bishops covered up many other similar cases that remained without trial.

The same jury report indicted Reverend Joseph Morizio, 70, who works in Altona Jonestown Parish in central Pennsylvania, in connection with repeated sexual assaults on children.

In addition, chief prosecutor David Hecton said in a press release that after an 8-day trial, a federal jury had convicted Maurizio of engaging in illegal sexual behavior in foreign locations and possessing child pornographic images.

Prosecutors said Maurizio set up a charity that has become the largest donor to the Pro Nino charity that provides shelter for the children of poor families, or abandoned them by their families, who live near San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

During more than a dozen church trips to Honduras, Maurizio sexually harassed two children living in the shelter.

Maurizio was sentenced to 200 months in prison and a fine of $ 50,000 in addition to $ 10,000 in compensation for each victim.

Also in India, the public prosecutor said that a court in southern India had issued a court ruling against a Christian priest to be imprisoned for 40 years, after he was found guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl.

Pasteur Sanil K. James, 35, was convicted of raping a girl, a member of the Salvation Army, in Kerala, India, in the year 2000.

Attorney General Pius Matthew said that a local court has sentenced James to 20 years in prison, due to his conviction in accordance with the Child Sexual Crime Protection Act, and in accordance with the Indian Penal Code on child rape charges.

The conviction comes amid an international focus on sexual abuse of minors by priests.


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