A man was killed and 11 wounded in phoenix shooting


One person was killed and 11 others were injured in a separate shooting incident in the early morning in a Phoenix mall and outside a dance floor hours later, police said.

It remains unclear if the shootings are related.

They fall within two hours and at sites approximately 14 miles away.

Officers responded to the dance floor scene at around 5 am and said that a person was declared dead at the scene and six other victims had been identified and taken to hospitals by Phoenix Fire Department crews.

The gender of the dead man was not immediately released and police said two of the five wounded men were in critical condition in the shooting that escalated after the fighting.

Two hours earlier, police said five men were shot at a mall in Phoenix. Three were taken to hospital to receive treatment for their gunshot wounds, and two other men were admitted.

Police said that initial information indicated that the two men were in combat and exchanged fire.

They say that the five are expected to live.


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