1 killed, 6 injured, in Phoenix shooting


One person was killed and six others were wounded after a shooting near 24th Street and University Drive.

At about five in the morning, Phoenix police responded to an incident at a nightclub “hours later” and identified a shooting site.

Officials said more than 911 callers reported injuries and people screaming.

Two victims were hospitalized in critical condition, while the other four were hospitalized in unknown circumstances.

And he announced the death of one of the victims at the scene. No names were provided.

Phoenix PD says there were many shooters and they haven’t been caught or recognized yet.

Officials say the event was being held in a building and many people attended when the bullets were fired.

The owner of the building told the police that he was renting the place and was told that it was using it to host a nightclub “after hours.”

Authorities said they would look into concerns about COVID-19 violations.

Urge anyone with information to contact the Phoenix Police Department.


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