9-year-old kills his sister by firing squad in Memphis


A 9-year-old American child shot his sister during a video game dispute

The little girl, “Dejona Bell” (13 years), died in Memphis Hospital in Mississippi after being fatally shot with a pistol.

According to the local police, the problem is due to a struggle between the child and his sister, who refused to give him the joystick for the video game, so the boy shot his sister in the back of her head, and the bullet penetrated her brain. It is reported that the mother of the two children was busy caring for her other younger children in another room.

Also, the local authorities do not yet know what kind of punishment the child should be inflicted, because this is the first time that they face such an incident. Cecil Cantrell, County Sheriff, believes the boy committed the murder under the influence of television or video games.


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