Pennsylvania parents are sentenced to 40 years in prison for starving their son to death


A court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has ruled in relation to spouses Jared and Kimberly Tatko who starved their son to death.

A court judge has sentenced Jared Tatko, 39, to 42 years in prison, and his wife, Kimberly, 40, to 40 years in prison, for starving their autistic son, Jared, to his death.

They may not request a pardon until after they have spent at least 20 years in prison

The couple admitted during the trial that they starved their 9-year-old son, Jared, for a long period of time, which led to his death. The parents kept their son in a separate room in inhumane conditions and prevented him from leaving that room. The prosecution stated that the child’s weight at his death had fallen below 8 kilograms

In the Tatko family, Jared had five brothers and sisters with various mental illnesses. Police officers discovered Gerard’s body upon their arrival at the Tatko family’s home and discovered that his 10-year-old sister was also on the verge of death. Doctors were able to save the girl


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