A woman attacks a pregnant woman and grabs her fetus in Colorado


A woman was attacked by a woman who slit her stomach and stole her fetus from her guts after she lured her with an advertisement for maternity clothes.

I was eight months pregnant when I went to the house of Janitor Daniel Lynn in Longmont, Colorado to buy maternity clothes, but I was hit hard by a table lamp, and I lost consciousness,” said 26-year-old Michael Wilkins during her first post-accident appearance.

 What happened at that time was beyond imagination, as the woman forced to cut the mother’s abdomen, extract her fetus, and escape.

When Wilkins woke up, she was not aware of what happened to her, especially after she saw her intestine hanging outside her abdomen .. A state of amazement coincided with the intensity of the pain, causing the victim to hold her intestine in one hand and pick up the phone with the other hand, calling for the ambulance.

Wilkins did not realize at the time that she had lost her baby, who was going to call her Aurora, as she said during the meeting that she had lost so much blood that I was in a near-coma and did not realize that I had lost my fetus. When I called 911, I thought I was still pregnant. “

Lynn, who will only be released on bail of $ 2 million, has been jailed pending trial.

She faces 48 years in prison for attempted murder and 32 years for illegal termination of pregnancy


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