A gunman shot dead by Maryland officer


A man was killed after the Gaithersburg, Maryland Police Department said at least one officer was shot after a chase.

The shooting happened shortly before 6 pm. In the Chelsea Park Apartments on South Frederick Street. The complex is located less than a mile from the Gaithersburg Police Department.

The department said officers from the street crime unit followed the suspect and then approached him.

“The officers identified themselves as officers when the suspect fled and a chase followed,” the police department said.

When the chase entered the compound grounds, management said the man had taken out a pistol.

The authorities said that the man “was shot dead by at least one officer.”

According to a witness at the scene, there were multiple bullets. The witness said it looked like a machine gun.

No details were available as to why officers monitored this man; However, the administration said that officers were informed that he may be armed.


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