One dead, six hospitalized after being shot at a birthday party in Georgia


Several people were shot and killed early in the morning in Hancock County, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

GBI said the Hancock County sheriff’s office received a shooting call around 2 a.m. in Sparta, east of Mildgeville.

The officers found three people shot at the scene and learned that four more had already gone to the hospital.

Sabriel Michai Taylor, 33, from Sparta, was killed at the scene.

Mary Chandler, the special agent in charge of GBI, told local affiliate WMVG that a neighbor was having a birthday party that drew a large crowd of people. It is not clear how many victims were at the party.

Taylor‘s body will be transported to the GBI Crime Lab where an autopsy will be conducted.

GBI said Catavius ​​Reeves, 29, and Ramon Lewis, 37, are in critical condition. Four other victims are in stable condition. GBI identified them as Johnny Chapel, 35; Shanrika Chester, 28; Thomas Wumpel, 29 years old; Gakilo Gaynor, 24.

Taylor‘s twin brother Cypriel told Union Recorder in Milledgeville that his brother had been shot in the head and shoulder. He said they were at party together when the gunfire rang out. He said he heard at least 20 shots and everyone started running.

No one has been arrested, according to Union REcorder.


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