A man killing two people died after testing positive for COVID-19


An official said a man accused of two counts of murder in the death of a Northern Kentucky couple had died of COVID 19 complications while in custody pending trial.

Craig Pennington, 56, died in Norton Health Care in Louisville, Marion County Detention Center Chief of Security Irvine Mann told news agencies. Mann said Pennington was hospitalized with shortness of breath and tested positive for COVID-19 while hospitalized.

Pennington was accused of murdering 38-year-old Robert K. Jones and 35-year-old Crystal Warner.

Warner and Jones, both from Florence, went missing July 3 and their bodies were later found in different territories.

Kentucky State Police said Pennington rented a cabin from Jones, Washington County, and the two victims went to the cabin to discuss ownership with Pennington before they disappeared.

Pennington pleaded not guilty to the murders and other charges, which was due to take place at a preliminary hearing according to court records.

Mann said ten of the roughly 215 inmates in the prison had contracted COVID-19. He pointed out that the facility has taken multiple precautions to control the spread of the virus.


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