One person killed in the Louisville shooting


A person was shot dead in the American city of Louisville, in the late evening.

The city police said that they received a report at about 9 pm, about a shooting in the park in Jefferson Square, and upon their arrival they found a man with a gunshot wound and died on the spot.

The police added that after some time, they received other information about the injury of another person with a firearm and he was transferred to the University Hospital, indicating that his injury was not serious.

Police cleared the park in which the shooting took place, and gathered evidence, in an effort to identify those involved in the accident.

It should be noted that about 3 months ago, Bruna Taylor, a black-skinned woman, was shot dead when anti-drug agents stormed her home in Louisville.

The killing of 26-year-old Taylor while she was asleep when police entered her apartment in Louisville on the 13th of last March sparked anger and protests in the area, as protesting residents gathered in the same place where the shooting.


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