An unborn baby is dying after a pregnant mother get shot while sleeping in Jacksonville


An unborn baby died after a young woman was shot early in a day in Arlington, Jacksonville Police Office reports.

Police said the woman was in her late twenties and was in the final stages of her pregnancy. Investigators also said that it appeared that the shooter was inside the house when this happened and that the woman was the target of the attack.

The crime scene tape is still flying in the breeze in the afternoon at the corner of Kona Street and Pecan Street only a few doors away from the 1:15 AM shooting scene. A yellow warning tape marked the front of the unit in which the woman lived, while the window next to the front door was broken and covered with cardboard.

“We barely spoke to them because they just moved not long to go,” said a neighbor, indicating how sad he was. “The only thing we end up hearing is a woman knocking at the door saying, ‘Can you call the police?'”

Police said she was shot in the stomach. She was taken to the hospital, and the doctors learned that she was pregnant. Her unborn baby has not survived, and she is still in a stable but serious condition.

Investigators told news partner First Coast News that she and two other adults were asleep when the shooting happened. The neighbor said that the residents had two daughters and a mother.

It didn’t seem like a disagreement led to this, and the police said no one was in custody.

Unfortunately, police said the shooting was similar to what happened a year ago on October 7 at an apartment at 3239 Justina Road.

Officers were dispatched around eight o’clock in the evening. To university homes where they found a pregnant 19-year-old woman inside with gunshot wounds, police said. Yana Iman McGraw was hospitalized and declared dead. Doctors managed to save the baby, but she died about three months later.

Neighbors said they heard about 25 shots that night, while family members confirmed that McGraw was nine months pregnant and would deliver the baby within a few days. Several friends posted on social media that the child’s father was the intended target. Prison records showed he was arrested on December 2 on charges including possession of a firearm, resisting arrest without violence and possession of marijuana, and is still behind bars on bail of $ 250,500.

Police discovered several firearms, ammunition, and marijuana packed for sale in their apartment, according to the arrest documents.


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