Grandmothers die in shock after being forced to watch her three nieces brutally raped


A grandmother died of trauma after being held at gunpoint and forced to watch her terrified nieces being brutally raped in front of her eyes.

The stunned 71-year-old encountered a hacker wearing masks who had broken into her home.

He locked up the three sisters aged 19, 22 and 25 who lived with their grandmother in her bedroom and pulled them out one by one for raping them on property in Impendle, South Africa.

The police investigating the horrific triple rape attack believes that the shock of being helpless and helpless to witness every single ordeal has alienated her heart.

“The suspect had locked the three girls in their grandmother’s room and took them out one by one and raped them,” said the family spokeswoman, Mazanduil Ndlovu.

We found Grandma at the house but she is already dead and we think she was very terrified of what she saw in these evil deeds that caused a heart attack.

He said, “The three girls said the suspect didn’t touch or hurt her, so it should be like that.”

“An unknown suspect wearing masks stormed his way to a house and raped three of his family members at gunpoint,” said South African police spokesman Captain Nqobil Jwala.

“A 71-year-old woman who witnessed the accident collapsed and died, and we urge everyone who has information about the accident to contact the police,” she said.

“We have been deeply hurt by these horrific incidents of rape and murder of our women,” said a spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Social Development Board member, Nunhla Hla Khouza.

We have seen a significant increase in incidents of gender-based violence, murder and rape. I urge the public to assist the police with any information that could lead to an arrest.

“The cruel rape of our women will not end until communities work with the police and we send our heartfelt condolences to the victims.”

Police Secretary Becky Sealy and gender activists have spoken of the explosive rise in gender-based violence against women and children during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This was a really horrific act, ‘said the grandmother’s 31-year-old son pleading with witnesses to come forward to arrest the perpetrator of the triple rape.

“I think my mother died of a heart attack because the perpetrator did not attack her but he took my nieces out of the room and raped them one by one in front of her.

“There was no justice for my nieces who were destroyed. In this case the rapist saw my mother crumbling from shock and awe but he continued. Where is humanity?”

South African police launched a new witness appeal after the grandmother died and her three sisters were raped to help them arrest the perpetrator.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of femicide anywhere in the world with more than 2,700 women and 1,000 children killed last year and 42,000 more raped.

Meghan Markle spoke out against gender-based violence during a royal tour to South Africa last year with her husband, Prince Harry, on a visit to the grave of a murdered college student.

She tied a yellow ribbon to a balcony outside a post office where Owenini Mirwitiana, 19, was tortured, raped and murdered by the postmaster of a post office in Cape Town.

Since the ban on alcohol was lifted, several horrific attacks on women have been reported including the horrific murder of Chiguvatsu Poli, 28.

She was found repeatedly stabbed in the chest and suspended by the neck from a rope in a tree in Johannesburg in a crime that caused a stir again across South Africa.

Also earlier this month, a mother of three children Altsia Cortji, 27, and her daughter, Rainsia, 7, were found brutally stabbed to death in a storage room of their Cape Town home.


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