A woman killed during a hostage-taking in Los Angeles


The American authorities announced that a gunman killed a woman who was among dozens of hostages who were held for several hours in a Los Angeles store, before he turned himself in to the police.

According to the “Associated Press”, the man left the shop building with four hostages after lengthy negotiations with the police, where he was surrounded and searched by the police and led to an ambulance.

It is believed that the man, whose name and motives were not disclosed, sustained a wound in his left hand.

Earlier, scenes filmed from the air showed that the police were evacuating children to safe places through the parking lot, and some hostages leaving the store.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters that a woman was killed inside the store, while media sources reported that at least two other people were injured during the accident.

According to the police, a gunman broke into a store of the “Want Joe” network, barricaded himself and took an unknown number of hostages while being chased by the police.

And local media reported that this person shot the policemen who were chasing him before entering the store without hitting any of them, while shoppers rushed to take shelter inside the store after hearing the sound of gunfire.

Media reports stated that before the confrontation in the store, the gunman shot his grandmother and girlfriend, then fled in his car.

Earlier, President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he is closely following developments surrounding the crime of hostage-taking.


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