Massachusetts policeman pay for stolen goods of two women


A policeman in Somerset, Massachusetts, has not pressed charges against two women despite their suspicion of robbery from a store.

Instead, the policeman paid for their food purchases. The newspaper stated that the police command praised his noble behavior.

In the details, the store employee called the police after noticing that the two women, with two young children, had not paid for all the purchases before putting them in the bags.

Police officer Matt Lima, who arrived at the scene, decided to find out the motive behind the crime. It turned out that the two women were going through difficult financial conditions, and the aim of the theft was to feed the children.

As a punishment, Lima restricted himself to issuing a notice banning the two women from visiting this store and bought them a $ 250 gift card from his own money so that they could buy what they needed from another store.

The policeman stated that the reason for his behavior is that he himself is the father of two daughters.


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