3 killed after small plane crashed into Michigan house in


Three people were killed after a small plane collided with a home outside Detroit, according to the Oakland County Police Office.

The sheriff’s office said the three dead were believed to be the pilot and two passengers.

The office said that the family of five who lived in the house survived, but the house caught fire. The house is located in the town of Lyon, about 40 miles west of Detroit.

The mother said the family was inside when the plane crashed. She said they were in the living room arguing over what movie to watch and just moved to another room when the plane hit the house.

Had the mother, father and three children stayed in the living room, it would have been a different story.

The family cat died, according to.

The house is located just north of the Auckland Airport / Southwest, which is administered by Oakland County.

Eric Mullen said that a plane crash was always his worst fear in that neighborhood, because the plane always flies overhead at an airport about half a mile away.

“I have two brothers under two years old, and they were sleeping upstairs; they were taking a nap … You worry like what might happen to us, because this plane flies low here all the time,” Chase Southwick.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been contacted about the accident.


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