A man threatens his boss with death because of rejecting his friendship on Facebook


The authorities accused a 29-year-old from North Dakota of threatening to kill his former boss for not accepting his friendship request on Facebook.

Young Caleb Borschek sent a virtual friendship request to his former boss on Christmas Eve, but when he did not receive a quick response, he began sending threatening messages to him, including a message that said: “Accept my friend request or I will kill you.”

Two days later, he wrote a letter that there was a “problem” that would occur as a result of his request being not accepted, and attached a picture of his truck to the letter.

The authorities accused the young man of kicking the front door of the house of the former employer, as he posted a picture of himself on the “Snapchat” application wearing a hat and jacket, and wrote a comment that the family of his boss would need a new door.

The authorities charged the young man with felony burglary and intimidation as a result of the strange incident, and he is scheduled to appear in court


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