A man accused of raping a two-year-old girl while a woman took photos inside a car at Walmart Parking


A man has been charged with sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl inside a car parked outside a Worcester Walmart store while a relative of the child allegedly took pictures of the act, according to the attorney general and court documents.

Assistant Prosecutor Lena Basho said a witness had seen the alleged accident inside a maroon Ford Explorer.

The witness told the police that an adult man appeared to be having sexual relations with a young girl.

That witness said that an adult woman in the car was using a white cell phone to take photos of the act, Basho said.

Joshua Rysseniak, 24, and Mary McForbes, 27, are charged with child rape, with an age difference of 10 years. MacForbis has also been accused of recklessly endangering a child.

McForbs is a member of the child’s family, according to court documents. Child is described as a two-year-old child known to the Commonwealth.

Rezsnyak and McForbes are listed as living at 53 Perry Ave., Apt. 3, in Worcester, according to court documents, but McForbs’ attorney said in court that she lives alone in Worcester.

An acquittal was filed on behalf of the couple while they were charged in the Worcester County District Court.

As Basho described the allegations against the two, those sitting in the courtroom were gasping, talking quietly to each other.

A court officer ordered a woman to leave the room after shouting that the two should “rot in prison.”

Basho said the witness made eye contact with Reznyak when he committed the act.

Basho said that Reznyak then picked up the baby and put him in the back seat.

Basho said the child was examined by a sexual assault nurse. The child had penetration-compatible abrasions.

Basho said a surveillance video showed Rezsnyak and McForbes entering Walmart after the alleged attack.

Her lawyer said in court that McForbs had two children. She was held on a $ 25,000 cash bail.

Rezsnyak detained on a $ 50,000 cash bail. The two are scheduled to return to court.

Both were ordered to stay away and not to contact the victim.


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