A North Carolina father rapes his daughter on her birthday


Man form Bolivia, north Carolina raping his teenage daughter on her thirteenth birthday for a very strange reason, which was his financial inability to buy a gift for her on her birthday, so he presented her with the rape as a gift, according to his confession.

The 32-year-old mother, who did not reveal her identity, said: “Before he committed his heinous crime, he asked me to sit with our daughter alone to celebrate her birthday with her, and soon she caught him red-handed, so I rushed to report the police, but he attacked me to prevent me from doing that.

The man threatened his wife, but she did not comply with his wish. She informed the police at a later time. He was arrested at his home in Bolivia, with his face completely covered, and he was not allowed to be photographed from his face.

So that the family’s reputation is not affected by this crime.

The father claimed during his interrogation to find out his reasons and motives for committing this crime, that he did not have enough money to buy his daughter’s Christmas gift, so he decided to rape her as a “compensatory gift.”

But in fact, according to Carmen Miranda, a psychologist, the man sexually exploited his daughter, asserting that it was an explicit sexual assault, behind a psychological problem that required psychological care for the girl, and the result was disastrous, which is the imprisonment of the father after the end of the investigations, and the teenage girl’s suffering from psychological problems.


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