Kim Kardashian pay 90 k $ for surrogate mother


Kim Kardashian West, has given birth to her third child and second daughter via surrogate. Some women, like Kim, use a prosthesis due to medical issues, so the operation can be a huge boon. But how much does Kim’s replacement cost?

I mentioned that the Western Kardashian clan would pay a replacement $ 45,000 in 10 payments of $ 4,500 each. But this isn’t the only cost associated with a surrogate pregnancy. The famous mother of the agency who found her replacement also paid a deposit of $ 68,850.

Sadly, Kim’s surrogate didn’t get much more to bear Kardashian West’s baby, but there’s a good reason for that. Stephanie Caballero, founder of California Surrogacy Law Center, told The Cut that what Kim pushed was typical of an experienced surrogate. She added that the higher salary could have looked like a bribe.

However, Kim’s replacement received many thanks. In a statement on her website, Kim expressed her gratitude.

According to the possibility of childbearing, a surrogacy agency, the estimated cost of a replacement pregnancy via IVF is $ 70,000-90,000. This price tag does not include the cost of the IVF procedure. So, while the procedure was a great option for Kim and her family, unfortunately, many women may not be able to tolerate it.

Kim isn’t the only celebrity to have given birth to a child via surrogate. Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, and Jimmy Fallon also have experience with the process.

Using a surrogate can be a complex and expensive process, but it benefits many families. We are very excited about the Kardashian West family and their healthy new daughter. Congratulations to Kim and Kanye!

Family always comes first for Kim Kardashian.

That’s why when she and Kanye West asked for surrogate help to welcome their third child, daughter Chicago West, Kim went to great lengths to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. E! News has an exclusive peek from Kim’s recent interview with Laura Wasser – a celebrated divorce attorney and founder of online divorce platform It’s Over Easy – on iHeart Radio’s new original podcast, All’s Fair, where E! The reality TV star has shared new details from the story of Che’s birth.

Kim said she relied on what she described as a “surrogate therapist” while building a relationship with the woman who was carrying her baby. She explained, “You get a replacement attorney, you get an alternate mediator, and then the mediator recommends that we use a therapist who first contacts me and then communicates with her and is kind of responsible for our communication.”

Toward the end we got close enough that we could really communicate without it, “Kim recalls. [The therapist] was suggesting, “Hey, I think you should only reach out once a week through text messages, maybe Mother’s Day. She’s a mom too. Maybe she gets a massage or whatever suits her to pamper her.”

“Things like implementing a birth plan, so if there’s anything uncomfortable, it’s going to be that buffer to say, ‘This is what I want in the room. What do you feel comfortable with? How does this work? “

After enduring two high-risk pregnancies, Kim publicly defended her decision to expand her family through surrogacy.

“Having a pregnancy is definitely different,” she wrote on her app, “but anyone who says or thinks it’s the easy way out is totally wrong.” “People assume it is better because you don’t have to deal with physical changes or pain or childbirth complications, but for me it was very difficult not to hold my baby, especially after I got pregnant North [West] and Saint [West].

“I am very grateful for the new technology and this is even possible. It is not for everyone, but I absolutely love a pregnancy pregnant and this was the best experience I have ever had. A pregnancy pregnant gave us the greatest gift one could give,” Kim continued at the time.

 Kim and Kanye welcomed their fourth child via a different surrogate last year


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