8 wounded in northwestern Miami Dead Park shooting


Police are looking for two people, they said, who opened fire in a park northwest of Miami-Dade, sending six adults and two teenagers to the hospital.

Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue Units responded to the shooting scene at Little River Park, near Northwest 105th Street and 24th Avenue, after 7 p.m., Sunday.

According to investigators, these people walked toward a group of people on a basketball court, took firearms and opened fire without provocation, and beat the victims.

Police said the gunmen fled the scene on foot.

Speaking to reporters hours later, MDPD detective Angel Rodriguez said the violence must stop.

“This is a heinous, meaningless crime. There were adults, children and families trying to get involved and trying to have a good time in the park on Sunday before going back to school.”

Officials said six of the victims were in critical condition and two were in stable condition.

One of the listed victims, aged 16, was in critical condition, taken to the Ryder Trauma Center.

Back at the crime scene, crime scene investigators were seen calling shell casings strewn on the ground.

Rodriguez urged those with information about the accident to come forward.

“As you all know, we can’t do it alone. We need the community’s help to help us help you.”

The police have not provided the victims’ ages or a description of the issues, as they continue to investigate.


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