Man raped a 2-year-old girl in a Walmart parking while a woman took pictures


A court heard that a man raped a two-year-old girl in a Walmart parking lot while a friend took pictures of the assault. Joshua de Rezsnyak, 25, and Mary M. MacForbis, 27, deny the horrific allegations – but the judge ordered Rezsnyak to provide a DNA sample for comparison with evidence obtained by police.

Rezsnyak is seen by eyewitnesses abusing the young child in a parked car in a Worcester, Massachusetts store, while McForbes picked up the alleged sexual assault on her large white cellphone. Both were arrested in the aftermath of the accident, with a search warrant later discovering three diapers from the trash bin of the house the couple share. One of these nappies tested positive for the presence of the semen enzyme, as investigators are now pushing for a Rezsnyak cheek swab to see if the DNA matches.

The High Court in Worcester heard from Assistant County Prosecutor Lambreini F. Basho indicated that such a sample “will likely provide evidence relevant to the questions of the accused’s guilt or innocence.” Child, advise against movement. He made a failed argument that the seminal enzymes might not be human, and added that cross-contamination could occur after a diaper was thrown in the trash. The little boy was taken care of. Rezsnyak and McForbes, who denied the same charges and will take them back to court

He is on bail of $ 50,000, while she is out on bail of $ 25,000


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