4 killed in Houston violent shooting


Four people were killed in a home in Houston as authorities said it was likely a domestic violent shooting involving a man who shot police before pointing a pistol at himself.

Ed Gonzales, Harris County Sheriff, told a news conference that officers went to a house in the northeast of the city around 3:15 a.m. after receiving a call saying a woman had been shot. The officers were met with gunfire and a SWAT team was dispatched from the mayor’s office to the house.

Gonzales said that the expedition team eventually managed to negotiate with the man to enter the house, but as the team members got inside, they heard a “final shot.” He said that in the house, officers found two dead women and two men, including a 49-year-old man who shot himself.

Gonzalez said he believed the 49-year-old was a friend of one of the women and that the other man and woman were her adult children. He also said that one of the women who was eventually shot was most likely the one who called the police. He did not mention any of them by name and did not mention the ages of the other three.

Al-Sharif said that the friend appeared to be the “assailant,” but confirmed that the investigators were not yet sure how the shooting took place. He said several rifles were found in the house and the 49-year-old told police that he was wounded before he shot himself.

Gonzales said investigators believed everyone was shot before the officers arrived, except for that man. He said that the officers did not fire any shots and none of the officers were injured.

According to Gonzales, no sheriffs had been called into the house before.


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