The MP responds by shooting and kills the man who was threatening his ex-girlfriend


The Harris County Deputy Mayor shot and killed a man early in the morning while answering a local call.

The shooting occurred just before 5 a.m. in an apartment complex in Aldine Bender near Sequoia Bend in northern Harris County.

The accident began at around 10:20 p.m. On Thursday, when a deputy answered a family disturbance / terrorist threat call in the apartment complex.

According to Lieutenant Robert Minshaw, a man was threatening his ex-girlfriend including threatening to shoot the unit. But when the attorney arrived, the suspect was no longer at the scene.

The suspect has had a long history of domestic violence over the past few years, according to Lieutenant Mincio. He also had an open note for harassing his ex-girlfriend.

Then a second call from the same location around 4:30 on Friday morning, and the same deputy responded to the scene.

When the attorney walked into the housing unit, the suspect displayed a firearm. After the attorney ordered the suspect to lay down their arms, he fired several shots at the attorney.

Then the attorney responded by shooting the suspect in the apartment complex’s breeze.

The HCSO Homicide Unit, the Home Affairs Unit, the Crime Scene Unit, the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Harris County Medical Examiner Office will conduct the investigations.

The attorney wore a camera, but the murders have not yet seen it.


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