The Cost of Surrogate Mother


When couples can’t produce children they have to ponder over the phenomenon of looking into the cost of having surrogate mother. Such issues have vast and extensive details. The prices of people’s demand and scenarios and situations always vary – making it impossible to give exact figures of the cost of a surrogate mother. However, we can review the common costs which proceed to surrogate pregnancy with accumulating a few additional expenses.

Like we said, the fee which surrogate mothers charge varies according to circumstances. However, average costs include a sum of USD 18,000. Other women may do this for a lesser price; whereas women who are qualified surrogate mothers, or experienced, call them what you may – might charge more. Please note that the standard fee stated above does not include any medical fee or the cost of food and vitamins the couples are bound to provide.

The other thing is that if a surrogate mother finds out, through ultra sound that there are multiple babies within her womb – an additional cost of USD 5,000 will increase. This can only be found out after 12 weeks when the ultra scans are performed over the mother.

Both parties have to sign a mutual contract – which means when both the parties sign up these contracts, there will be an additional fee to pay the lawyers. The standard legal fee usually rounds up to an approximate USD 5,000. Then the surrogate mother requires psychological evaluation: these costs are just about USD 5,000.

Once the surrogate mother becomes pregnant, her body expands, which means she’ll need new clothes. These clothes include bigger clothes as well as maternity clothing. The cost of such clothing is around USD 750. Traditional insemination for a traditional sort of surrogacy costs USD 500.

Then are factors which the couple need to take care of – for example when the mother drives to the doctor or use public transport in order to do so – the bus fares or gas charges add up to an approximate figure of USD 50.

If there are additional invasive methods like DNC, Cerclage, FUC or amniocentesis – then there will be more extra expenses worth USD 500. If you opt to choose gestational surrogacy, the transfer will cost you around USD 750.

In case the surrogate mother grows multiple fetuses while pregnancy, selective reduction can be an option. The procedure consists of removing other fetuses with only one remaining. The fee of such an operation costs around USD 2,000.

If any point in time the mutual parties decide to abort the baby – the fee consists if USD 2000. In case a section C is involved, the amount will add up to another USD 1,500.

If you deploy a surrogate mother through an agency they will charge you a commission worth USD 12,000 – and if your client is a foreigner you will have to pay an additional USD 1,000.

There are other little payments included in the process of breeding a child within a surrogate mother’s womb. And they vary from circumstance to circumstance. But to sum up all the costs on average, the total digit piles up to USD 40,000. The figures stated above are general and should be taken as a guide and not an accurate means of calculation. The procedure of contract details and negotiations with surrogate mothers could be extensive. The article however is to give you a general idea about the cost of a surrogate mother in general terms.


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