Police find a Russian woman and her daughter who killed in New York


Pensacola, fl

Police announced that a Russian citizen, residing in a “green card”, Ala Ausheva, and her two children, 2 and 3 years old, were found murdered in an apartment in “Staten Island” in New York, and her American friend was arrested on suspicion of committing the murder.

And it was that a police patrol went to the scene of the accident after receiving a phone call to the 911 emergency phone number.

According to the police statement, upon arrival at the site, policemen found an apartment filled with smoke. Firefighters arrived from New York and put out a small fire. Upon entering the residence, three bodies were found, of a 36-year-old woman and two children, three years and two years old

Ausheva, 37, was found lying on her face, on a bed, with grave wounds to the head and face on her body, and near her the bodies of the two children, signs of suffocation, visible on their bodies.

Police charged Sean Walker, 36, with murder, manslaughter and unlawful possession of weapons. Walker, a US Air Force employee, was taken into custody while he was walking on a road carrying a mobile phone in possession of his Ocheva ID.

And it should be noted that the police already have data on him [Walker] about his past perpetration of domestic violence. Whereas, he had been arrested for beating Usheva, and according to newspaper sources, he accused her of treason and was subsequently transferred to a psychological examination.

The police said in a statement: “We are at an early stage of the investigation, which is taking place now. The forensic doctor will determine the cause of death, but we consider what happened to be a murder.”


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