A mother kills her baby in Phoenix


Pensacola, fl

Police forces in a Phoenix suburb have arrested a young woman, accused of killing her one-month-old baby.

The woman, Gina Follwell (19 years), killed her son, after she drowned him in the bathtub, and then placed his body between two blankets, inside a duffel bag, before she called the police from the garden and reported that a stranger entered her apartment and kidnapped her baby, after He threatened to kill her

After investigators found the body of the baby, Fulwell told them that she was surprised to find him dead in the bathtub, after she fainted while the breaker was in her apartment.

But it turned out that after a police review of Volwell’s smartphone, it was found that they had searched among 100 methods of killing on the Internet.

The police said in a statement that the history of searching on the phone began with “methods of immediate death” and ended with cases of missing infants. Other research materials also included the time it takes for children to drown, 5 types of parents who are killed, the reasons that lead to fathers killing their children, and sudden infant death syndrome.

There have been over 100 different searches on these types of topics on the phone, the statement added

When confronted with the results of the search history on her phone, Gina Follwell admitted that she had committed the crime, and admitted that she entered the bathtub with her son and then drowned him until he passed away.

She said she settled for killing her infant, because she did not want to hear him cry.

According to the police statement, Gina Follwell told the investigators that she regretted her decision after her son stayed in the tub for one minute and confirmed that she tried to save him by performing a resuscitation of his heart and lungs before putting his body in a duffel bag, and going to the garden.


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