9 people were injured in a stabbing accident on a child’s birthday


Pensacola, fl

Police said that a man stabbed people at a three-year-old child’s birthday party in a residential complex housing refugee families in Boise, wounding nine people, including six children.

Boise Police said Timmy Kenner, 30, from Los Angeles, was staying at the compound, and had been arrested. The police added that he was not a migrant and had stabbed a day after one of the camp residents asked him to leave

The police chief said Kenner may have wanted “revenge” after a resident who had sheltered him expelled him.

There were no injuries to the woman who sheltered him, who was not present at the place of residence at the time of the attack.

Police said that Kenner attacked the children at the party after he was unable to find the woman, adding that investigations were still underway into his motives.


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