2 adults, 2 children are found murdered in a West Virginia home


kanawha County Sheriff Mike Rutherford says a juvenile has been accused of committing a foursome murder at Elkview.

The kanawha County Sheriff’s office says authorities learned of the killings when no one in the family heard.

Neighbor Tiffany Gandhi woke up to the news of her neighbors’ deaths.

Described by her husband as a gruesome murders, he met the families of the victims while he took the dog out.

Gandhi recalls saying I found my mother and father dead, the middle boy was on the floor and the baby under the bed

Grandpa came to check on the family after he hadn’t heard about it.

She said, “And he said, ‘Was anyone here? And my husband said, ‘No,’ and he said, ‘Well, they died, they all died.’

They called 911 and found two adults and two children – a child aged 3 and 12 – dead inside the home.

Rutherford said the 16-year-old’s oldest son was found safely outside the home, but could not provide any further details.

Neighbors didn’t know what to do with all the police activity.

“This morning I noticed very congestion on the road,” said Samara Mullins, a neighbor at the foot of Hill Drive Cemetery. She says she does not know the family and has heard nothing either.

However, she was feeling a lot of emotions.

“You worry about nobody because when you live alone you don’t know … Two, you worry about family members, everyone in the community is a bit on the edge at the moment,” she said.

Gandhi was also initially concerned about her family.

“So that I don’t know how it happened or who did it … I have five children and I’m afraid.”

At no time did the common people seem to be in danger, Rutherford said, adding that it was not a random act.

Because the suspect happened, his name was not released.


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