A major fire in California causes the evacuation of the Marines and thousands of civilians


A major fire in the San Diego Department of southwestern California evacuated Marine Corps formations and about 7,000 civilian residents of Fallbrook.

The Command of the Marine Corps Base, “Camp-Pendleton,” said it had ordered the evacuation of 3 camps on its northern side after a fire broke out from Wednesday night to Thursday, to be later taken the same measure against 7,000 people in Fulbrook.

The local fire-fighting services stated that the fire destroyed an area of ​​about 3000 acres, noting that 35% of the lands where the fire spread has been extinguished so far.

California this year is facing the most severe fire season in its history, as it previously destroyed huge areas amounting to about 4.1 million acres, which was due to sharp temperature rises accompanied by severe drought.


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