A car that split into three pieces killed two


Authorities responded to one vehicle accident overturning a tree. Upon arrival, they located the site of a single vehicle traffic accident that resulted in severe damage. The car was split into three main parts after hitting a tree

Upon investigation, they found a victim who was kicked out of the car and pronounced dead at the scene. They also found a second victim inside the car and declared their death at the scene of the accident.

The car was heading east on Tippecanoe at high speed when the driver lost control of the vehicle for an unknown reason. Slip marks can be seen leading to the point of impact.

The car was split into three main pieces with the passenger side door area wrapped around a tree. The dashboard and steering wheel can be seen across the street.

The force of the collision caused the rest of the car to fly off the street.

It is believed that high speed was a factor in the accident. It is not known if street racing may have been a factor in the accident. Tippecanoe is closed in both directions on Rialto Ave. While the officer’s conduct their investigations.


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