5 dead in New York terrible accident, vehicle split in half


Police in Yonkers, New York, now say five people have died after a violent two-car crash that split one vehicle in half.

Vehicles crashed on Riverdale Street on Culver Street around 9:30 PM.

One of the cars was so badly damaged that it split in two.

A resident described the horrific scene.

“I heard a very loud noise.

abnormal. I haven’t seen anything worse. So I went to the window because I live next door and I saw a guy running and saying, “Oh my God, oh my God!” “Maria Delgado said.” I got dressed and the car exited, divided into two halves on one side, and on this side … and the white car opposite the way to come.

Five people were killed, including four who were in one of the cars. Two were announced dead at the scene.

Several other people were taken to hospital. It was not immediately clear the size of the other injuries.

The truck, Engine 254, collided with a Mercedes at the intersection of U Street and East 4th Street around 11:30 pm. The truck then collided with the Coquette Kids cloth

Riverdale Avenue was closed for more than eight hours as police worked to determine exactly what led to the accident.

Yonkers mayor, Mike Spano, has been at the scene all night talking to investigators and surveying the damage.

Neighbors say speed was an issue on this open road.

“I feel very nervous to drive and live here,” said Maria Delgado. “I passed this street many times, but I always look … The roads are very good, you know, there are lines and everything. There shouldn’t be many accidents. People drive reckless cars. “


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