Walmart Pharmacy closed


The pharmacy inside Walmart on Clovis’ Shaw and Peach Streets is closed for deep cleaning and sterilization.

A Walmart spokesperson says the Fresno County Public Health Department has been notified of the reason for the lockdown, but will not provide that reason to

According to the requirements of HIPPA’s privacy laws, we do not share personal health information about any partner in order to protect their privacy. We have begun installing glass partitions (sneeze shields) in pharmacy aisles (both Walmart and Sam’s Club) and will install these guards on Walmart’s regular records. During the next three weeks

Crosson adds that plexiglass screens have yet to be installed at Clovis Walmart. contacted the Fresno County Department of Public Health for more information. In response, the ministry said the inquiry would be shared with the Infectious Diseases Investigation Program.

They responded to our inquiry with a statement, which stated in part:

“If the investigation team determines that a high-risk exposure has occurred, we will contact our media partners for assistance to share our messages to help us identify individuals who may have been exposed and the site (s) at which the exposure occurred.”


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