Kentucky Family of 4 found dead hours after husband says his wife “betrayed him”


A father, wife, and two children were found dead inside their Kentucky home just hours after the father ventured on Facebook that his wife had betrayed him.

Kyle Milliken was among those killed after the shooting at his family home in Mayfield overnight, as Milliken’s wife, Ashley, and their two sons, 13-year-old Kyle and Kekkon, were also found dead.

Kentucky State Police said they were investigating the shooting, adding that an autopsy had been scheduled for the victims.

Hours before the family was found dead, Milliken shared his wife on Facebook about his apparent domestic problems.

“My children are everything to me, such a woman can come and go. If she is not happy, you cannot make her happy!” He wrote.

“Often times, she’d do it anyway, but when you pick up someone and carry them around for years and they’re still cheating on you, what do you do?”

The family’s pastor, Chad Lamb, said he was shocked by the violence.

“It’s just a heartbreaking thing for the community. It’s a well-known family – a respected family on both sides of the family they belong to. Our community is feeling sad now.”


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