8 bodies found in a Texas truck


Pensacola, fl

Texas authorities found the bodies of eight people, including at least two children, in a truck in a San Antonio parking lot, Texas, and police treat the incident as a “human trafficking crime.”

The police said that someone from the truck approached a store employee at a late hour to ask for water, so the employee brought him water and called the police who found the bodies in the back of the truck.

The fire department chief said, “At least 38 people were on the back of the truck, and among the dead were two children, and the others were between the ages of 20 to 30 years old.”

He added that the truck was overcrowded with people, and 20 of them were taken to the hospital, some of them are in critical condition and suffering from dehydration, and there are 8 others whose injuries are not serious.

The police chief said, “The surveillance video showed some cars that approached the truck to transport the victims who survived

We are dealing with a crime of human trafficking, he added

He pointed out that the truck driver was detained in a police station, but his identity has not yet been determined, and no information has been disclosed about the time the truck spent in the San Antonio parking lot, or where it came from.


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