5 killed in car crashes in New York


Five people were killed in a multi-car crash. Police said they were trying to stop an eccentric driver who drove off at speed and then collided with another car.

The accident happened shortly before 9:30 pm. On Riverdale Street near Culver Street in Yonkers, New York

The police said that four young men were in one car and the driver of the other car died.

A car speeding down the street and crashing into another, tearing one of the vehicles in half, and scattering pieces all over the place.

A neighbor said she heard the loud explosion.

“I didn’t know what it was, so I went out the window and looked through the window because I live nearby and I saw a man running. Oh my God.” Said Maria Delgado, the resident, oh my God. I saw so many people, the police, everything. I didn’t believe it. “.

Yonkers police said officers saw a white Infiniti vehicle being run erratically on South Broadway and Prospect Street. It was also alleged to have equipment violations.

The officers attempted to stop the car, which appeared to have stopped on Riverdale Street before speeding up. The police followed.

The driver was said to be driving “at a speed beyond a reckless speed” and collided with a Nissan that had turned right on the road.

Police said the accident split Nissan in half, killing four 18-year-old men inside the car. They were identified as Randy Brisbane, Tamari Watkins, Anthony Cruz, and Brandon Sierra.

The driver of the Infiniti car, identified by police as Devon Haywood, 36, died in hospital.

Yonkers police stressed that the officers were not participating in a high-speed chase.

“We ask the media to please not report the driver’s reckless behavior to officers trying to enforce the law,” Det. Lieutenant Dean Politopoulos said in a statement. This was a terrible tragedy and we mourn the loss of these four young men. Our officers are trained to evaluate every situation and in this case are not involved and do not seek to avoid this specific type of outcome. The sector car was about 15 seconds late and not in emergency mode. Infiniti driver Devon Haywood has a history of reckless driving. Our sincere condolences to the families. I cannot understand their loss. “

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano added, “The car accident that happened last night on Riverdale Street was nothing short of tragic. Four young souls were killed by the recklessness of one individual. Make this a lesson for everyone who is driving at high speeds – it not only endangers your life, it endangers it.” Also the lives of the innocent who share the road. My warmest condolences and prayers to the families of the missing, especially during this holiday season.

DeAngelis spoke to the victim’s Sierra’s cousin.

“He was a great person. He always saw the light in every situation and all of us, all of us in my family, we talked to him yesterday the same day. Some spoke to him an hour or two before this happened. It’s crazy to know he’s gone now. Michael Reyes said,” We’re still not We accept this fact, really. “

He said his cousin and friends had just graduated from high school a few months ago and were enjoying a night together.

News of the tragedy reached Albany, where Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, a Yonkers, offered her condolences.

“My heart goes out to families affected by the horrific and horrific car accident. Their worlds will change forever. We don’t know all the details yet, as the accident is still under investigation, but we must always look for ways to make our roads as safe as possible.” Stuart Cousins ​​said in a statement. I am definitely monitoring the situation closely and sending my heartfelt condolences to families and loved ones.

Friends and families gathered later to protest against the victims. Candles were placed in the corner of Riverdale and Culver.

“We were basically a family. Even though it’s not blood, it hurts a lot.” John Armstrong, a friend of the teen victims, said, “Last night it was a lot.”

“Enough is enough. How many lives must be terminated to realize that you have to do the right thing when it comes to the road. You have to respect the road, respect everyone on it, and realize that it is not just your life, it is the life of others.” “We really have to cherish our moments with each other. Life is not forever. It is short. “


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