5 killed in a terrible high-speed car collision in New York


Four young men were killed after another driver who was fleeing police collided with their car at high speed in Yonkers, New York, and the driver of the fleeing car also died.

Yonkers police say the four youths declared their deaths at the scene. The violent accident occurred at around 9:30 p.m. Debris spread to three buildings and scattered pieces of vehicles on the streets.

According to police, officers attempted to park a 2009 Infiniti sedan on Riverdale Street after seeing it run erratically on South Broadway and Prospect Street. However, although the car appeared to have stopped, it immediately accelerated at high speed heading south on Riverdale Street, with the police tracking the vehicle. However, police confirm that they were not following Infiniti when the accident occurred.

Infiniti continued its acceleration to outpace precipitous speeds as it approached the intersection of Culver Street.

While the Infiniti was traveling at high speed, a 2006 Nissan silver sedan, occupied by four young men, all 18 and Yonkers, was heading south right onto Riverdale Street from East Culver Street, according to police. When Nissan entered the intersection, the Infiniti collided with the Nissan, resulting in catastrophic damage to both cars with the force of the collision dividing Nissan in half.

Police say the four occupants of the car were expelled from the car and died at the scene. Police said the driver and only passenger on Infiniti, a 36-year-old resident of Mount Vernon, was taken to Jacoby Hospital and later died.

None of the victims have been identified, but friends of the young men at the crash site said they had all recently graduated from high school.

Police said surveillance video from a nearby gas station showed a vehicle cruising on Riverdale Avenue at “top speed” before crashing into the vehicle the youths were living in. After about 15 seconds, the Yonkers police cruiser with lights on can be seen responding to the crash.

Both criminal and internal investigations are underway.

“This was a terrible tragedy and we lament the loss of these four young men. Our officers are trained to assess each case and in this case they split up and seek to avoid exactly this kind of outcome. The sector car took about 15 seconds and Yonkers Police Lieutenant Dean Politopoulos said the police were not involved in a high chase. Speed ​​and that the Infiniti driver has a history of reckless driving.


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