11 people killed when a vehicle capsizes on a lake in Missouri


The sinking of an amphibious vehicle carrying tourists on a lake in Missouri during a strong storm killed 11 people, including children, according to local police.

Seven people were taken to hospital as a result of this accident, which occurred in Table Rock Lake, at a time when the central-western United States is witnessing severe storms. And five people are still missing, according to what Doug Ridder, an official in Stone District, announced during a press conference.

Rescue operations stopped at night with the participation of divers, who will search for the missing.

Two of the wounded were in critical condition, according to the local branch of the Cox Medical Center in Missouri.

The official, Rader, said that 31 people were on board the amphibious vehicle, which can be operated by road on wheels. It was capsized by strong winds as it was trying to reach land.

Rick Kittles, owner of the Lakeside Resort hotel complex on the banks of the lake, said in a phone call, “The storm blew rapidly (…) I have never seen a storm with such force before,” explaining that the local meteorological service did not warn of its occurrence.

He filmed a video of waves breaking on the floating bridge before being notified of the vehicle’s capsizing. “Given the strength of the waves, I don’t think the craft could have withstood,” he said.

Table Rock near Branson in southern Missouri on the border with Arkansas is an artificial lake that attracts tourists.

The wind reached 119 kilometers per hour, causing trees to fall and blackout in the area, according to meteorologist Steve Lindenberg.


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