Thieves kill a policeman and spread the crime on Facebook


Thieves killed a retired police captain near a pawnshop in St. Louis, Missouri, and broadcast his death on Facebook Live.

Captain David Dorn, 77, was shot in the trunk area in front of the store that offers a foreclosure and jewelry sale.

While the site deleted the video of the live broadcast of the crime, but after it was seen by a number of people, and Facebook spokesman Angie Stone said, “The site is trying to track down information related to the broadcast,” while those who watched the video expressed their shock about it.

A member of the Police Ethics Association said, “The association is aware of the live broadcast of the killing of Captain David Dorn on Facebook.”

The victim who was killed by the robbers was also a black man, and he retired from his position in the city police in 2007, after “38 years of work,” as it was said in a mourning statement.

The victim’s wife told the St. Louis Post that her husband “was a friend of the pawn shop owner and worked for him,” adding that he “would appear in the shop when the robbery alarms went off to check the shop.”


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