Ohio parents accused of raping a child during a supervised visit


Two parents have been accused of raping their child, and authorities say it happened during what was supposed to be a supervised visit at Children’s Services in Trimble County.

Felicia Beamer cried from 21-year-old Warren when she appeared in Warren Municipal Court, accused of raping her young 13-month-old daughter. A baby who was taken from her immediately after she was born.

Bemer, detained for $ 250,000, also had three other children from her care, including one-and-a-half-year-old Tiffany Sue Banks, who died after being placed in someone else’s care.

When Cody Beamer escorted the 22-year-old to Warren’s courtroom, the judge made it clear that there would be no pledge because Beamer was flouting his probation for domestic violence.

Bemer is also accused of raping the couple’s daughter, a videotaped crime when he mistakenly placed a sim card in his cell phone and the baby’s aunt, Loretta Allen, found it, “I was stunned and told my mom to call the police and child services.”

Not only did the tape show a sexual offense against the couple’s child, but it is also alleged that the two-year-old son of Loretta Allen who is now removed from her care was a victim. Allen says she cried all day, “She is no longer my sister. She is not part of my family because of what I did. I want her to go to prison.”

“There are other allegations that we’re investigating, that there may in fact be more charges against one or both of them involving minors,” says Gregory Hicks, Warren’s law director who was serving two jobs as attorney general on Friday.

There’s also the issue of where the crime took place, inside the visiting room of Trumbull County Children’s Services. “It’s an ongoing investigation and I can’t comment at the moment. It’s being looked at and when we can comment we’ll definitely do,” says CEO Nick Keroski.

But questions remain, how could this happen under the surveillance of an agency that is supposed to protect children, and why Cody Beamer, a registered sex offender even at the Children’s Services headquarters in Trumbull County, was allowed.


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