Father and grandfather raped girl since she was eight


The father and grandfather of a 13-year-old girl have been arrested for allegedly rape.

Hasron Nazri Hashem, OCPD supervisor in Kampar, said the girl’s mother had submitted a report and that both men were raping her when she was only eight years old.

He said that it is believed that accidents occurred in several locations in Moalem Noar.

“The girl told her mother everything before filing a police report.

“The victim was then sent to Kampar Hospital for examination,” he said in a statement.

“The hospital medical official who examined her said that there were old tears on her body.

He added: “A gynecologist from Raja Bermaysuri Paynon Hospital conducted more tests that show that he believes that the tears are caused by a blunt instrument such as the penis.”

Supt Hasron Nazri said the case will be investigated under Article 376B of the penal code for incest.

He added that the two men would be imprisoned to facilitate the investigation.


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