A woman killed, 2 arrested after a manhunt in Houston


A woman died after being injured after a police chase in West Houston, according to Harris County Police Chief Ed Gonzales.

Gonzales said the authorities were involved in a manhunt that began in the early morning. When the car stopped, three people jumped and ran away.

Gonzales said two men were quickly arrested, but the third, a woman, got off the road and collided with a Chevy Trailblazer. The woman’s death was announced at the scene.

Investigators said the situation began when a deputy tried to stop a pickup truck with the suspects inside. Authorities said that when he turned on the lights, the suspects fled the scene.

Investigators said that a traffic stop began on Highway 6, but the suspected driver collided with gasoline and headed for I-10 feeder road. Representatives said that a supervisor in the mayor’s office picked up the truck as it drove by.

Investigators said that the suspects then speeded to the highway at one point, conflicting with the flow of traffic, but then the tires ran out and two of the suspects tried to escape.

Representatives are not sure why the woman fled other than the fact that she was trying to avoid arrest.

Fire trucks and police were blocking the road on Katy Highway in Park Ten. And all the external passages in the area were closed, as the authorities worked to clear the place.


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