A man dies after being shot and struck a street lamp in Houston


Houston Police said a man was shot and hit a lamppost in North Houston overnight.

Police say the man hit a street lamp along the North Beltway and Greens crossing around 12:30 a.m.

In the area, a witness saw someone open fire from a black SUV west of I-45 before the driver hit the pole.

When asked if the accident was a road accident, HPD said it was not prepared to speculate about the motive.

Lieutenant Christopher Bruce said: “Evidence indicates that with bullet holes and the fact that reports indicate that they heard several shots before seeing him driving on the sidewalk.” “And based on that, it is possible, yes, that someone shot him.”

Police say the driver died in hospital.

HPD confirms that officers found rifle shell casings on the way. They believe the accident was a car-to-vehicle shooting.


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