The neighbor donates a kidney to an Ohio policeman


An Ohio police officer is recovering after undergoing a successful kidney transplant earlier this month. All thanks to his neighbor.

Officer Troy Biggs was in desperate need of a college. He was diagnosed with the genetic polycystic kidney disease that his mother had taken. As his kidney function continued to decline, he was facing dialysis. Biggs started a Facebook page in the hope of finding a potential donor. The donor was closer than he had expected.

Carrie Aronson, his neighbor, quietly began the months-long testing process to determine if the two were the same.

Aronson told Biggs and his wife Bridget it was a match for an emotional neighborhood gathering.

That was a very good day, Aronson said. Once I found out I was the match, my wife and I had to do a short talk – a big talk. Of course we would have taken the next step. “

Now, both men are at home recovering after surgery.

“We are not a family. There is no obligation to do this, it just shows what kind of person it is,” Biggs said. “I think we were both lucky.”


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