Two girls, 15, raped by 8 men” had a surprise party


A teenager revealed how she and her friend were gang-raped by eight collectors at a party while on vacation in Italy. The tests revealed that the girls were drugged prior to the alleged “brutal and extreme” rapes that ended only when one of the victims bitten one of the attackers. Footage shows a group of men fleeing a party at a villa in Pisticci, southern Italy, earlier this month. One of them was limping. The girls missed starting school because they stayed in Italy to testify. One of them spent her 16th birthday away from family and friends so she could attend the speedy trial in nearby Matera.

During a closed hearing that lasted nearly 12 hours, the two victims identified the eight defendants. Their lawyer, Giuseppe Rago, said they recognized the accused “very clearly”. A source at the trial told The Sun: “ the girls showed determination and courage in facing the men accused of attacking them. Only one spoke and testified for a long time and told the horror of what happened that night. ”Four of the men, between the ages of 19 and 23, are being held while the other four are on bail. They deny all charges of sexual violence and injury and insist that the girls agree. The session where the second girl will testify


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