San Antonio mother says goodbye to her friends on Facebook and shoots her two children and commits suicide


Chelsea Dodd committed suicide after shooting her two children, killing her son Tris and wounding her daughter.

The mother had written on her Facebook page, “I wish you all to find peace,” two days before the accident.

The city police reported that the suspected murder and suicide was discovered in a house in a suburb of Texas in the suburb of New Brownville in San Antonio and that “Chelsea Dodd, 43, from New Brownville, shot her two children before the gun aimed at herself.”

Police said the woman and her son, Tres (10 years old), died at the scene.

While the police pointed out that the 16-year-old daughter of Chelsea Dodd was still conscious, and breathing at the scene of the accident, explaining that she had been transferred to a hospital in the area, with a live bullet threatening her life, while an autopsy order was issued for the two bodies.

Police have yet to reveal the motive behind the release


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