Demi Moore says she was raped at the age of 15 for 500$ pay to her mom


Demi Moore said she was raped at the age of 15 by a man who claimed to have paid her mother $ 500 USD

The Hollywood star, 56, made the accusation during a candid interview on US television to discuss her memoirs.

Moore, one of the most successful actresses of the 1990s thanks to movies like Ghost, A Few Good Men, and Indecent Proposal, said she was attacked by an older man who knew her mother.

Speaking to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, she said that she came home to find the alleged rapist in her apartment.

After he raped her, Moore claims, he said her mother sold her to him for $ 500.

Moore‘s mother was an alcoholic and died in 1998. When asked if she believed the man, she said, “I think, deep in my heart No. I don’t think it was a straightforward deal.

“But still – it gave him access and hurt me.”

Moore has dedicated her book, Inside Out, to her mom, as well as her three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis.

Moore said her mother attempted suicide at the age of 12 and it was her intervention that saved her life.

“I remember using my fingers, the little fingers of a child, to dig pills that my mother tried to swallow from her mouth,” Moore revealed.

Moore, who also married actress Ashton Kutcher for eight years from 2005, has discussed her rise to the top in Hollywood.

She found fame in the 1980s with appearances in movies like Blame It On Rio and St Elmo’s Fire, before starring in the 1990 romantic thriller Ghost opposite the late Patrick Swayze cementing her position as one of the biggest stars in the world.

After becoming the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, critics called her the nickname “Gimme Moore” – but Moore didn’t bother her with mockery.

“Why isn’t all women being paid equal to the quality of the work they do? Just treat me the same way. No better, no worse,” she said.

Of the character, she said, “I mean, I think the irony definitely wasn’t lost on me.”

Demi has also talked about going into drug rehab. She said she was sober for 20 years until she relapsed into her forties.

The actress also spoke about her “colorful” life, as her parents suffer from alcoholism. Her father later left her mother and she tried to take care of her.

Demi also spoke about the time when critics criticized her for the accomplishments she’s accomplished in her career.

“Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t all women be paid equal to the type of work they do?”

She also had a very open personal life. Demi has been married 3 times. Firstly for Freddie Moore, then for the actor Bruce Willis, with whom she had 3 daughters. After her unsuccessful marriage to Bruce, she finds love again in Ashton Kutcher, whom she married in 2005.

Their love story did not last and the couple divorced in 2013.


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